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“After watching many wedding videos, we decided to engage Esther as we admired her work and found it to be refreshingly different. We were not shortchanged – we’ve watched our actual day highlights video at least 5 times since we got married and have never regretted. Choosing Esther to capture all those wonderful moments.” – Justin & Charlotte


“The wedding highlights were just phenomenal – just the way I had envisaged it.” – Vijay & Sheetal


“Touched by the video! Really loved your work and how the whole day event is captured so wonderfully.” – Wei Chang & Michelle


“Everyone was very impressed. Cannot imagine how you came up with the ideas. All the brothers and sisters told me you are amazing.” – Gabriel and Huixin


“It was really awesome and exceeded what we thought. All very choreographed and I like the last part. Was a great job and definitely will recommend you to others.” – Edwind & Shilya

Wedding Videography  | Capturing moments that captivate your heart

Are & Karen

Galvin & Inder

Vijay & Sheetal

Darren & Alison Church Ceremony

Francis & Wenning

Justin & Charlotte

Don & Pei Shan

Ashvin & Ruby ROM

Yang Chin & Amita ROM

Rachel & Rebuen Surprise Thank You Speech Vide


If you are interested in working with Esther Tay or would just like to reach out and say hi, we’d love to hear from you.
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Glenn Lim Weddings + Esther Tay Pictures

We are 2 friends who share the same passion for creating beautiful images and take absolute pride in the work we produce for you.

We also believe in building strong connections with you, and to re-tell your day as true as possible.. A story for the generations. we are team players who work well together so that's one less thing you have to worry about.

We are happy to be offering our services at a discounted rate to the first 10 couples who decide to engage our services 🙂 However, we are offering a no-obligation, no sales-pitch coffee session to all couple who might be keen to connect with and find out more about us. In fact, we highly encourage this! We look forward to hearing from you!

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SOULSCAPE: Om With a Heart Yoga Event

SOULSCALPE 2015 Highlight

National Gallery Open House 26th June

National Gallery Open House 11 & 12th June

Stylex Chi Chi Von Tang

Liv Lo Reel

New Life Documentary

Street Yoga | Louie

Pre-natal Yoga

Be Pure: Azmi

Be Pure: Debroah & Marysia

The Wellness Report: Purify Issue

Esther Tay Pictures – Capturing the moments that captivate your heart
Esther Tay is an experienced wedding videographer and photographer based in Singapore. With a strong attention to detail, Esther has established a growing reputation in the wedding videography industry for her creative works.


Esther has served a large clientele at their special day, ranging from casual Italian weddings, Cross-Cultural weddingsChinese weddings, to Punjabi Sikh weddings. Attentive to your needs and equipped with a highly creative mind, Esther constantly challenges herself to create the perfect reel from your wedding.


When she’s not armed with her cameras at weddings, Esther can be found at the gym or on the streets of Singapore directing her yogi models into a perfect picture. During her spare time, Esther drives an initiative (#EstherTayYoga) that she founded to share the beauty of yoga, and hopes to inspire with positive messages.


If you’re interested in working with Esther or would simply like to have a chat, please drop a message at