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8 Subtle Signs he’s about to Propose

8 Subtle Signs he’s about to Propose

(Ken & Valarie Love Story)

Everyone knows that when they invite you, the invite is for two. He knows the way you take your coffee in the morning – kopi o kosong, and your family loves him. It’s even wedding season now and you’re both RSVP-ing like crazy to everyone’s engagement party, hen/bachelor party and Save-The-Date. Your long-term relationship is going perfect but now suddenly he’s acting edgy, a little strange, even. He’s hiding his phone from you, he disappears for a few hours and he’s suddenly very interested in your jewelry preferences. Here are eight hints that he’s about to pop the big question:

He went visibly red when Aunty asked you “When will you get married, o’rdy?”

You were at Cathy’s wedding reception and her Nainai asked you when you plan on getting married. You dismissed it casually, saying “Promise Aunty I’ll send you invite first when we decide!” but you caught him squirming next to you a little and he murmured something inaudible and walked away.

He gets edgy every time you walk past a Goldheart Store

He’s been asking about your jewelry preferences a lot lately and he doesn’t object anymore every time you stop to window-shop. And every time you walk past a Pandora or Goldheart store, he gets a little jumpy and looks away. Ladies, it’s ring time!

He booked the most expensive tickets to the Ed Sheeran Concert, just for you two

He was supposed to book four tickets but he only booked two and he’s blaming the ticketing system! Or he’s suddenly commandeered your long-vacation plans for the year and he’s refusing to let you call along any of your usual travel buddies. He’s trying to find the best way to propose!

Your parents and him have reached strange new levels of comfort

He’s suddenly talking to your Baba about his work presentations, he knows when your Mom is headed for her mahjong session every Friday, and is suddenly taking a keen interest in the training of the new puppy you guys got – Your corgi as the ring-bearer? Yes, a hundred times!

He keeps asking about your favourite fairytale

He insisted on watching Beauty and the Beast with you even though you’d said you wanted to go with the girls because he doesn’t like Disney too much. And after the show was over, he kept asking about what your favourite Disney movie is, which Princess you associate most with and what your favourite fairytale is. Hmm, weird.

(Thalvin & Rachael Pre Wedding)

You noticed that his likes on Facebook are photographers

He’s suddenly following a lot of Singaporean photographers and paying a lot of attention to your pinterest board. He’s never been in to social media but suddenly, he is. Ladies, he’s definitely getting prepped for your engagement shoot!

He’s suddenly super frugal

He’s never spared a cent on your romantic dinners and your night outs but he’s suddenly cutting back on the amount he’s spending when you go out. He prefers the kway teow at the foodcourt instead of a night on Arab Street. Something is up!

He just got down on one knee

He looks like he’s reaching under the table at your favourite café in the Botanic Gardens. Has he dropped something? Is he straightening up? He’s smiling and holding a jewelry box open! Girls, there’s your proposal!

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