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A Punjabi Sikh Wedding is unique, to say the least. A Punjabi Sikh Wedding is filled with colorful rites, customs, and traditions that are hard to find any other wedding.  A Punjabi Sikh Wedding is a feast for the eyes and your senses whether be it in Singapore or India. A Punjabi Sikh Wedding is entirely different from a Christian wedding which is why it’s important to hire a Punjabi Wedding Videography Singapore for Punjabi Sikh Weddings in Singapore.

Unlike a normal Wedding that only has a few close friends and family attending, a Punjabi Sikh Wedding is a big, boisterous, chaotic event that is filled with many twists and turns until the end of the event which makes the job of the videographer all the more all the more complicated. There’s a whole buffet of food, dancing, music which leads to every videographer having a hard time.  Even if you hire a professional videographer chances are they’ll be unable to keep up with the traditions and changing mood resulting in a less than desirable coverage of your Punjabi Sikh Wedding.

The sheer size of a Punjabi Sikh wedding easily outnumbers not one but many traditional English marriages. You don’t just invite close friend and family but rather the friends of a family you’ve invited are also likely to attend. It’s common for a wedding to last for over 5 days and be packed with events that require constant coverage.

You need to choose professional Punjabi Wedding Videography Singapore to cover everything that happens in a Punjabi Sikh Wedding. Whether it’s filming the Barat make their way to the ceremony, the relative’s meeting the bride & groom, or the traditional dances and cousins, everything in a Punjabi Sikh wedding is nothing like any other wedding.

Punjabi Wedding Videography in Singapore that is well acquainted with the customs, traditions and has an understanding of the event going around them in order to make sure your wedding becomes a beautiful memory you can look man after many years. At Esther Tay, we are more than well acquainted with Punjabi Sikh weddings which allows us to capture the event ceremony with creativity and elegance befitting such a grand elegance as well as providing our Professional Punjabi Wedding Videography for Mehendi, Barat and Walima events with great detail.

Esther Tay is the leading Punjabi Wedding Videography Service in Singapore that have years of experience and knowledge to capture the visual splendor of a Sikh Wedding like no other. What makes Esther Tay standout is not our high-end equipment but rather our unique style of videography that results in that results in the most natural and exciting film of your wedding. We fully understand out client is Singapore want a high-end modern wedding film while making sure the traditional Sikh aspect of the wedding is still present which is exactly what we deliver. 

Our videographers are accustomed to the rituals, customs, and traditions as well as having the stamina along with the skill to provide uninterrupted coverage throughout the day to make sure to capture every money and preserve it for life.

Contact Esther Tay today to check our availability or browse our watch some of our Punjabi Wedding Videography and see for yourself what sets us apart from the rest.

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